Iman Mouloudi reviews

A Completely Normal Comedy Night

Coming into Bedlam, as I have many times now, there’s a distinct hubbub just before the show starts. This one felt slightly different, even from the onset. The atmosphere was warmer, energetic. Wholesome.

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2020, EUTC and the Edinburgh Revue’s joint A Completely Normal Comedy Night was absolutely and categorically a blast. Featuring only women and non-binary performers, (Ashley Manning as MC), the night really felt like a special celebration of upcoming talent, and there were many younger performers who were excellent. It was so exciting to be in the midst of such great talent and creativity. And it was hilarious too.

The first half was stronger, which may have been due to the show starting slightly later than scheduled, though there was a good pace throughout and the skits and shorts that broke up individual performances were a fantastic segue between acts.

True to the show’s description: “no gimmicks, no tokenism, and no boy comedians”, it was not lost on the audience that sadly it would be rare to see so many fantastic women and non-binary performers making up the majority (and in this case, all) of the line up, but what was also refreshing was the sheer variety of comedic range on stage. There was everything from a rap, an out-loud (and slightly disturbing, but in a funny way) musing about biting the heart of patient on a surgeon’s table (you really had to be there), to a wonderfully awkward re-purposing of the mic-stand to showcase some pole dancing skills.

The show’s headliner Amy Matthews was well worth the wait - genuinely hilarious and original with lots of great observational comedy. In Amy’s words, there is so much awesome talent around, we’d better get on supporting more shows.

I left grinning from ear to ear, and it was all for a good cause too!

A Completely Normal Comedy Night performed at the Bedlam Theatre on 6 March 2020.