Opinion: Izaak Gilchrist

Biden’s America… A snoozefest?

(Cover Image: The White House from Wikimedia Commons)

No Insurrection? No Impeachment? No Inauguration?

You could be forgiven for thinking that Biden’s administration is boring and dull - at least compared to his much more newsworthy predecessor. However, controversy still rained down on Capitol Hill this week, largely due to one woman, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Image: United States Congress from Wikimedia Commons

So, who is Marjorie Taylor Greene? She is a freshman US Congresswoman representing the 14th District of Georgia. She is known nationwide for her vocal support of the conspiracy theory group QAnon. QAnon’s central belief is that there is a child sex-trafficking ring run by Satan-worshipping paedophiles that Donald Trump has been fighting against.

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently stated that she didn’t have ‘anything to apologize for’. This is despite Greene’s previous statements, casting doubt about 9/11, claiming school shootings were being perpetrated by gun control activists and suggesting that Barack Obama is a Muslim, among many more.

A number of prominent Republicans have spoken out against Greene. Mitch McConnell, the senior Republican in the Senate, called her conspiracy theories a ‘cancer’ on the party, whilst Adam Kinzinger, a Representative from Illinois, has said that Greene is ‘not a Republican’. Despite all of this, she has been appointed to both Budget, and Education and Labor Committees.

On Wednesday, Republicans in the House of Representatives chose not to remove Greene from her committee positions. This shows a clear support of Greene, thus the whole House of Representatives will vote on whether to remove her. The majority of Democrats believe that Marjorie Taylor Greene should not even be in Congress, let alone a member of the prestigious House Committees. On Thursday night, all House Democrats were joined by 11 Republicans in voting to remove Greene from her committee positions.

This sets a dangerous precedent. Republicans could now try to target prominent Democrats, such as Ilhan Omar, for her previous comments about Israel. Kevin McCarthy, Leader of the House Republicans has already vowed retribution when the Republicans win majority control over the House of Representatives.

In more positive news, Pete Buttigieg, a former candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination and former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has become the first openly gay person to hold a cabinet post. He was confirmed this week by the Senate in a bipartisan 86-13 vote. He will now get to work as United States Secretary of Transport. This is expected to include landmark initiatives of the Biden administration, such as leading the fight against climate change and rebuilding America’s infrastructure as part of the Coronavirus economic recovery.

Image: Pete for America from Wikimedia Commons

This is another historic milestone reached by the Biden Administration, which is still only in its first month in office.