Andrzej Caba

FEET at the Mash House Review

Coventry indie post-punk rockers FEET made their headlining Edinburgh debut on the 7th of November at the Mash House and Andrzej Caba was there to witness all hell break loose.

Thursday night is not necessarily a perfect date for a concert, so it was surprising to see the venue being pretty full for this show, yet at the same time it felt like Friday night would probably sell out. However, those who decided to come were in for a treat since the first minutes. Both opening bands Medicine Cabinet and The Van T’s provided energetic and fun performances which set up the mood for the evening. Even though they were pretty loud, it felt like calm before the storm once FEET came out.

It is 9PM and five guys who look like they all just got out of a time machine from a different period in the past century go out on stage. Each of them clearly living in their own world while performing from the very first note, dancing and moving like possessed. They start with one of the most energetic tracks of their full-length debut - English Weather - and then jump right into one of the most dancy tunes - Axeman.

FEET’s sound is hard to pin point. They have been compared to Blur or Pulp, as well as to Parquet Courts. According to the band, they have no interest in the first two and take much more from Frank Zappa and other 60’s and 70’s acts. Those vibes definitely take over the stage when the band is performing. Especially songs like What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham where the performance is much noisier and incorporates a lot of jamming when compared to the album version.

As the songs progress, you can feel the bond between the band and the audience get stronger and stronger. The musicians are going more and more crazy and so is the audience. The setlist is very well balanced. Catchy and easy-on-ears songs are mixed with those which are loud and slightly experimental. At the same time some kind of tension is building so the show gets more and more all-out and energetic. By the last song, the mosh pit is spread across better part of the room and everyone is giving all they have. FEET finish with the punkiest and the fastest sing they have - Outer Rim and the show reached peak intensity that could be compared to IDLES.

In a concert setting FEET are a force of nature. They have weird, magical chemistry between them that is not so commonly met. The kind of chemistry like the already mentioned IDLES or Daughters, where every member is doing their own thing and it all connects into incredibly tight and dynamic performance. This Thursday night at the Mash House is something everyone who was there will remember for a long time and those who were not there to witness it should really regret it.


English Weather


Chalet 47

What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham

Wiggy Pop

Dog Walking

Good Richard’s Crash Landing

Ad Blue

Petty Thieving

Outer Rim