Finn Marsden

Ground Control to Major Haggis

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the innards of a sheep wrapped in its own intestine!

Scots across the world celebrated the life of Burns this week by drinking a mysterious orange liquid and scoffing a trio of mushy foods. One Scottish company, however, took their celebrations a little out there, literally.

Simon Howie, a national butcher well known for their Scottish delicacies, decided to blast one of their 454g ‘Original’ Haggis’ to a height of 20 miles into space, around one hundred times the height of the Shard in London. The launch took place in Perthshire where the haggis then went on to tour the heights of southern Scotland, including Stirling, Falkirk and Edinburgh before safely landing at the feet of the hungry citizens of Lauder in the Scottish Borders.

Image: CC from Wikimedia Commons

Simon Howie released a statement saying that “after a year like no other, we wanted to kick off 2021 by lifting the spirits of the general public”.

The stratospheric endeavour was overseen by Stratonauts, an organisation that specialises in sending novelty items to space, including Brewdog beer and Fortnite memorabilia.

The two companies are now working together to spark the interest of science and engineering in young people and hope to one day run STEM workshops in local primary schools.

As for the haggis, Simon Howie has stated that it’s to be preserved and put on display as the first ever of its kind to make it to space.