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Isaiah Rashad - Why Worry

After four years following the success of The Sun’s Tirade in 2016, the Tennessee rapper Isaiah Rashad finally releases a new single under the Top Dawg Entertainment Label, ‘Why Worry’.

The title already teases his fans who have been impatient with his distance from the spotlight ever since The Sun’s Tirade exploded on streaming services preaching about topical themes of self-discovery and awareness in the black community. Fans were starved, and since last year’s tease of his upcoming album The House is Burning in collaboration with Kenny Beats, this new track came as a beacon of light in these trying times.

‘Why Worry’ produced by Crooklin, is reminiscent of his first studio album Cilvia Demo (2014). Carefree Rashad hits the track with his signature voice and a playful attitude that was missing from his more profound reflections in The Sun’s Tirade. Although it will not be released on his upcoming record, it reveals the new-found calm and livelihood of the rapper, a promising sign for his new works. The lyrics evoke an independence and awareness of those trying to spite him “with false advices”. Crooklin’s sampling of soul vocals and the treble horns perfectly support Rashad’s new focus and mentality. In the chorus, Rashad is beckoning his fans to follow in his footsteps, “follow me” he repeats, and leave behind the obsession with “all that money on your head” – just live in the moment and search for the funk.

This single is the perfect teaser to his upcoming album, serving to reassure his fans but also to send a message of relief and lightheartedness in the hip-hop community, joyously disregarding all those who have tried to abuse and manipulate money or art.