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Kate Lucas: Is Selling Herself Review

Reviewed by Rachael Sulaiman.

Following the most energetic flyer woman I’ve met yet (she could absolutely have her own wee spot at the Fringe) to the venue, I settled down with a crisp lager for Kate Lucas. In her musical comedy show Kate Lucas: Is Selling Herself, the basement bar is turned into a cosy afterparty with just a guitar and pure wit. From bad one-night stands to worse bank account balances, the frustrations of Kate Lucas are captured perfectly in song.

Going Once?

After the ubiquity of comedy at the fringe, musical comedies are just the tonic, where guitar arpeggios and chords fill the silences between stories and punchlines and silences. Kate Lucas’s humour is certainly self-deprecating, but it’s more embarrassingly relatable than embarrassingly awkward. The guilt of laughing at someone’s low self-worth dissipates when you realise it’s not just the performer who is being laughed at, but the whole room who hear themselves in the lyrics.

Going Twice?

Our songbird has more up her sleeve, with clear messages about exactly why our self-worth is so low, a particularly shocking statistic about Tinder, and the sheer magnitude of advertising today. You might even come away feeling slightly better about that shame-filled decision you made the other night stemming from low self-worth – Kate’s done it too. Feeling slightly better that your bank balance isn’t higher. Feeling slightly better that you aren’t an Instagram influencer.  Feeling slightly better that you aren’t the perfect product.


I can’t wait until these songs are targeted ads towards me on Spotify.

Kate Lucas: Is Selling Herself runs at Just The Tonic - The Tron at 18:20 until 25th August.