Jennifer Logan

Music Team Track of the Week: Too Good

Our favourite track this week is the newest banger from a true FreshAir fave: Too Good by Arlo Parks off her brand new, debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams, released on the 29th of January.

At only 20 years old (!) Arlo is making absolute waves in the British music scene, with huge support from BBC Radio 1, an incredible lineup of singles and EPs from the past two years, and even a session with Phoebe Bridgers. Aside from being a singer songwriter she’s also a poet, and her rich and evocative lyrics really show those skills off. Her beautiful style of indie bedroom pop has a wide range of influences from Radiohead and Frank Ocean to Joni Mitchell and Sylvia Plath. She deals with heavy topics like depression (‘Black Dog’) and homophobia (‘Green Eyes’) with a personal, poetic touch and you can’t help but feel every emotion alongside her.

Too Good is the third track on Collapsed in Sunbeams and what a bop it is. The ridiculously catchy hook (“Why do we make the simplest things so hard?”) sums up the song’s lyrical content and make this one of the most high energy tracks on the album. Arlo questions a partner’s lack of commitment and why they won’t reveal their feelings to her - (“I think you know it / too cool to show it”). There are references to the albums’ other songs - “sunspots in your eyes, dark green” (perhaps the subject of ‘Green Eyes’?) and the track fits perfectly between the upbeat ‘Hurt' and the comforting ‘Hope’, making Collapsed in Sunbeams so cohesive it barely feels like a first release.

We can’t get enough of Arlo and if this is your first time hearing her, you’re in for an absolute treat as you discover the rest of her discography.

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