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Nova Twins

The scene is alive and well, and this band is the proof.

Last week I had the pleasure to see Nova Twins perform at the Mash House, Edinburgh. The alt-rock duo finally came to Scotland for a few headline shows after touring with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Wolf Alice, Enter Shikari, or Skunk Anansie. With such a wide experience as a supporting act, I was absolutely buzzing to finally see them perform as the headliner.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Even though the sudden news that Alyx Holcombe will not be there to deliver a DJ set hurt my heart, the band that took her place last-minute was a perfect fit. Cherym expertly warmed up the crowd, which was definitely needed, as the most dedicated fans had been standing in the Scottish rain awaiting the gig. The supporting act quickly created an awesome connection with the crowd. The group played powerful, guitar-driven music accompanied by candy-cotton vocals of the lead singer. Their catchy lyrics and upbeat melodies met with loud applause around the room.

Next up, everyone was waiting for the headliners to come on stage. The venue got quickly filled with music fans of various ages, genders and ethnicity. It was wonderful to see such a diverse crowd coming to see the black girls’ duo - who are themselves representing a minority in rock music. Their performance was absolutely incredible. Nova Twins have this raw, unleashed punk spirit that is contagious. The audience could hear, see and feel it. Amy Love’s vocals are so powerful live they become hypnotising, to the point you could feel them all over your body, while Georgia South prevents you from standing still in awe by jumping around with her bass and playing her heart out. The way those two move on stage and interact with the crowd is extraordinary. It makes you forget about the world outside and want to get lost in the music with Amy’s stunning voice as your guide. What caught my attention is the mutual exchange of energy between the fans and the band. At moments it was difficult to tell which party is fuelling the other with passion for the music. Moreover, Nova Twins proved to be very charismatic and kind-hearted. After noticing that someone fell on the ground in the mosh pit, they stopped the song, made sure everyone was well and played it again from the top. Respect! Last but not least, I wanted to give some appreciation to their appearance on stage. The outfits, makeup and hairstyles all kept in a glam-rock, punk, feminine flair were truly breath-taking. I personally love their style and how they bring bright, bold, shiny colours into their punk image. I think they nailed their signature look which surely stands out from other alt-rock bands.

Seeing Nova Twins perform is an experience I wish everyone could have. The band is incredibly talented and knows how to make an impression. Awaiting their next UK tour, make sure to pre-order their new album Supernova that comes out on 17th June.

Link to preorder: https://novatwins.co.uk/supernova/