Opinion: Finn Marsden

O Captain! My Captain! - A tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore

Image: MTaylor848 from Wikimedia Commons

Remember the first time you did a bake sale for charity, charging tuppence for the driest biscuit known to man? Or when you ran around that muddy field, heaving your guts out questioning whether you’ll ever be able to raise £100 by chapping on your neighbours door and smiling nicely?

Last April, Captain Sir Tom Moore most likely asked himself that exact same question - setting out to raise a grand for the NHS is no easy challenge...

With a little grit and determination, he did it though, and he even managed to collect a little extra along the way.

£32,999,000 extra, to be exact.

In a time when the country, and indeed the world, had just been plunged into an increasingly tough existence, there stood Sir Tom. Zimmer frame in hand, wearing a blazer decorated in honour of his his already uncontested service to this country, and with a smile that was just so unknowingly needed at the time - he smashed the laps of that garden out of the park.

When you reflect on 2020, you realise that hope was the thing that kept us all going. When, naturally, that hope felt lacking, it was so important to have a national icon like Captain Tom to look up to.

He was there to tell us “tomorrow will be a good day”, to let us know that we didn’t need to feel alone in our experiences, and to always reach out for support when we need it most.

His legacy is one to be celebrated, to be loved and to be remembered. Here’s to you Captain Tom, you absolute legend.