Isaac Thornton reviews

The Natvral

Sneaky Pete’s – April 20th

Kip Berman (The Natvral) shuffled through the small audience in Sneaky Pete’s and appeared out of the dark onto the stage. He strapped on his guitar as natvrally as he would plug in a seat belt and acknowledged his audience whilst completing some final checks. He began with Tears of Gold, following the vibe laid down by the two supporting artists, he gave a very delicate performance of this mellow and wistful song about a charming ex-girlfriend he had to let go of. He followed with the opening track from his debut album Tethers, Why Don’t You Come Out Anymore? Which arguably, was the greatest performance of the evening; vocals that totally complemented the aggressive and punchy guitar. Berman’s voice is one like Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend but with added electricity and roar, his animated control of the stage during his set added to his infectious demeanour. A slightly shy, awkward but warm fella from the States offered personal anecdotes and introductions to songs which were well written, insightful, and relatable. An American for the European audience as my friend put it, fantastically. If you get a chance to see The Natvral live, take it. For fans of Ezra Furman, Vampire Weekend and Lou Reed.