Half Baked with Julianna Ritzu

Half Baked

Wednesday at 18:00GMT

Half Baked is a show about musical subcultures, across different genres, decades, and communities. Each week, I’ll focus on a specific scene, choosing music from that subculture, talking about its key players, and walking you through its history, from DIY beginnings to lasting influence. A bit of a radio show/podcast hybrid. Each episode is meant to stand alone so tune in whenever you’d like (or don’t when you wouldn’t), and find the music from each week available as a playlist on Spotify. Or just tune in for the winning combination of me mispronouncing too many names and making partially-correct musical claims I definitely should've fact-checked before the show.

Episode 4: Chelsea Hotel

A really *soft* show for getting in your feelings (and maybe crying too). Make yourself a cup of tea for this one, and if you hate acoustic guitars, this isn't for you. Although if you hate acoustic guitars I'm not sure why you're listening to this show in the first place.

Episode 3: Studio 54

It's disco inferno week. Yeah, I know, the moment everyone's been waiting for. The disco vibes are strong, and there's loads of guilty pleasures, and you're gonna love it. So just listen, ok?

Episode 2: Northern Soul

This week on Half Baked, we're taking a deep dive into all things Northern Soul. To keep up with the music from each week, follow our spotify account Half Baked Radio :)

Episode 1: South London Jazz

This week on Half Baked, we're talking South London Jazz. Check out the episode's spotify playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6KbaPG4l8sZVcDmgiA1kjh?si=WlUtJ_8MQXSfBcU9acAJbg