Alt of This World with Marc M

Alt of This World

Wednesday at 19:00GMT

Your weekly roundup of multi-genre alternative music, both contemporary and further back in time. I focus on tunes that are interesting, multi-layered, multi-dimensional and beautifully crafted, from New London Jazz, Leftfield Electronica and Psychedelic Rock to Dream Pop, Alt Hip Hop and Chillwave (and so much more) there's plenty here for any music lover!

#5 Woozy tunes and questionable nostalgic critique

Some altered states vibes and some discussion on the intentions and legitimacy of Vaporwave

#1 New tracks, old tracks, all the tracks...

New stuff from Hidden Orchestra and others, your weekly dose of the best Alternative music from all corners of this world and beyond!

#4 The art of the short song

This week is the first themed week where I explore the possibility that shorter might just be better... When is a short song too short? Do short songs suit some genres better? Are these real questions? Join me and find out the answers to some of these...

#3 Japanese Yacht Pop, hypnotic electronica and great covers

A contrast of the kitsch and the the filthy, with plenty inbetween...

#2 Why we should all buy kites

Live track of the week from of Montreal, the pro's of owning a kite, and at least three reasons why last year was a great year for music...