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ASMR Readings of Leftist literature. Because why not. Website: Write to us:

The Communist Manifesto Discussion

Episode discussing The Communist Manifesto as a whole, providing some background about Marx, and giving my limited thoughts. Song at the beginning: Marx was not a "statist" video: Rough Script Of The Episode:

The Communist Manifesto Part 3

We finish up with the (reading part) of The Communist Manifesto. Spoilers: I could not contain my excitement reading the final few sentences, fair warning of a volume increase (up to almost inside voice loudness!!) Chapters Covered: 3. Socialist and Communist Literature 4. Position of the Communists in Relation to the Various Existing Opposition Parties

The Communist Manifesto Part 2

In the second episode, we continue reading. I believe this is the meat of the Manifesto, so listen carefully (and peacefully). There's a decent definition of what Communism entails, ten commandments of communism, and we even touch on feminism very very briefly.

Introduction & The Communist Manifesto Part 1

We start with the booklet that started the show. The first proto-episode was an ASMR reading of The Communist Manifesto on FreshAir 2019 UK Election Special. Due to the limited time slot I was unable to read The Manifesto in its entiriety. However, there is nothing that can stop me now. Drink of the Evening: Coffee from Café Rebelde Zapatista beans Chapter covered: 1. Bourgeois And Proletarians Website: Email: