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ASMR Readings of Leftist literature. Because why not. Website: Write to us:

4 - The Communist Manifesto Discussion

Episode discussing The Communist Manifesto as a whole, providing some background about Marx, and giving my limited thoughts. Song at the beginning: Marx was not a "statist" video: Rough Script Of The Episode:

3 - The Communist Manifesto Part 3

We finish up with the (reading part) of The Communist Manifesto. Spoilers: I could not contain my excitement reading the final few sentences, fair warning of a volume increase (up to almost inside voice loudness!!) Chapters Covered: 3. Socialist and Communist Literature 4. Position of the Communists in Relation to the Various Existing Opposition Parties

5 - What is to be Done? Introduction

We start to read Lenin! It's exciting for me as well, as I've never actually read Lenin! In this episode we only touch up (part of) a very long introduction that talks about the content of the book, as well as a quick biography of Lenin.

1 - Introduction & The Communist Manifesto Part 1

We start with the booklet that started the show. The first proto-episode was an ASMR reading of The Communist Manifesto on FreshAir 2019 UK Election Special. Due to the limited time slot I was unable to read The Manifesto in its entiriety. However, there is nothing that can stop me now. Drink of the Evening: Coffee from Café Rebelde Zapatista beans Chapter covered: 1. Bourgeois And Proletarians Website: Email:

2 - The Communist Manifesto Part 2

In the second episode, we continue reading. I believe this is the meat of the Manifesto, so listen carefully (and peacefully). There's a decent definition of what Communism entails, ten commandments of communism, and we even touch on feminism very very briefly.