Best of both worlds with Francesco

Best of both worlds

Wednesday at 18:00GMT

Ciao belli e belle, this is show born from a love for two music cultures I grew up with: British and Italian music. Together we will be listening to a wonderful variety of pop, indie, hip-hop, rock and electronic music coming from a variety of music scenes in Italy and Britain. During the show we will find out commonalities between the tracks, look at their history and possible meaning. Can't wait to share all of this with you! A presto, Francesco

Episode 7 Soul infused tunes

While outside it's getting chillier by the day, on best of both worlds things just keep getting warmer...For episode 7 we'll be listening to some soothing and fun soul music inspired tracks. Whether you're working, studying or just relaxing, there'll be a tune for you.

Episode 6 Progressive rock Vol.1

Here we go down the memory lane of progressive rock, one of the most popular music genres in Italy and Britain during the 70s! Expect organs, crazy guitar solos and lots of classical music inspired melodies.

Episode 5 Re-connecting with our surroundings

For this episode of best of both worlds, we're going to listen to something different. It's an episode about field recordings and how they can make us more aware of the world surrounding us. Be prepared for chirping birds, buzzing bees, underwater recordings and people shouting at Italian food markets.

Episode 4 Autumn time!

Here are some lovely and warm tunes to accompany the full swing of the autumn season!

Episode 3 Post-punk across Italy and Britain Vol1

Here we go with an episode all about groovy post-punk basslines and dark lyrics!

Episode 2 British and Italian Punk Rock Vol1

This episode is all about punk rock music in Britain and Italy, going from the 1970s all the way to the 2010s.

Episode 1 Good Vibes

First episode of Best of Both Worlds which is all about good vibez.