Brown Time with Priya Basra and Manvir Dobb

Brown Time

Thursday at 16:00GMT

A chat show hosted by two gals who happen to be brown who can talk for Britain.

The Last Brown Time before Christmas!

Again, website was down, but excellent content assured.

Brown Time- Don't Frown Time

Honestly can't remember what we talked about because the website was down, but we were funny.

Diwali lol banter lol

It was Diwalli last weekend, and Priya and Manny find out how much (or little) they know about HInduism, while also talking about receiving "rishtas" at the age of 16 and 17.

Indian weddings and maths

Priya has had an eventful week. She went to a zoom wedding and has decided to do Maths A level despite studying English at uni, to this Manvir then admits she is doing a course in Data Analysis despite also being a humanities student. Maybe we're trying to kiss up to our Indian families still despite being the rebel children.

Another brown gal

Priya couldn't make it this week because she's at a wedding (typical brown activity), so subbing in for her was the wonderful Asyia Iftikhar! Halloween and wet talk about friendship guaranteed.

Periods and Peters (Bake Off and Mathieson)

In this episode, Priya and Manny get talking about freaky meadows stories, which Nandos chilli level is supreme, period productivity, and most importantly why BlackED is awesome!

Indian mums, beauty and Ramdev

This week Manny and Priya delve into yet another conversation about Asian culture peppered with a bit of Ramdev yoga flashbacks...


Here's to new beginnings! Our first ever episode of Brown Time where Manny and I discuss what our show will be about!