Crime & Reason with Isla & Amy

Crime & Reason
Crime & Reason is a true crime mystery show in which we discuss unsolved crimes sent to us in 'chapters' by the elusive and mysterious 'Crime Minister'. The hosts Amy & Isla will be sent each 'chapter' in 5 stages, discussing what we have read before receiving the next whilst sharing our thoughts and theories, encouraging the listeners build their own idea of events. Occasionally, The Crime Minister will send us a fictional mystery that we must try to solve. These episodes will include a solution at the end of the episode sent by The Crime Minister however, we invite listeners to try and solve the mystery with us and share their theories and thought process along the way. We would love for listeners to get involved and therefore encourage them to send in their ideas & musings about the unsolved crimes or their answers & solutions for the fictional mysteries, with the potential to be mentioned on the show if desired.