Digging The Underground with Raphaela & Lola

Digging The Underground
Heya, it's Lola and Raph! We’re two music lovers who have sadly come to university in the height of a pandemic. Clubs? Live music? Well, that is nothing more than a distant memory, and so we have set out to fill an electronic music shaped hole in our hearts. In Digging The Underground, we’re bringing you a chatty, light space where you can explore new techno, house, and garage music. We want to reach out to your favourite Edinburgh haunts and collate their most loved tracks to play on our show so you can indulge in a bit of nostalgia as we wait until we can listen to them all together again. Each week, expect to listen to our favourite new releases and interviews with some of the best artists and DJs from the underground scene; including Mungo's Hi-Fi, Subculture Sage, and Earth Boys. We know electronic music can become an intimidating swamp of so many niche genres, and we want to turn away from that and create a lighthearted space where you can tune in to have a boogie with your flatmates, discover new music and reminisce with the old, and get to know more about your favourite DJs. Most importantly, we wanna get you moving and grooving, so tune in at 8-9pm every Friday for your weekly dose of funky tunes!

Episode 5 - Digging with Jake Walker: Discussing Movement, Music & Mixing

This week we catch up with Jake Walker - a multidisciplinary artist and student at Τhe Slade art school in London. He makes electronic music using code and algorithms (its called ‘Algorave’ - we didn’t know it was a thing either), to create an original sound inspired by his love of footwork music which is littered with samples that he records himself. We discuss how his art practice extends into his love of partying through his video work that is shown in clubs. Visuals have the power to both complement and enhance the music around you and provide a physical depiction of the sounds coursing around the sweaty dance floor. Jake has used his environment to create songs that mimic his world, from the branches swaying in the wind and to the hundreds of feet in simultaneous motion at a summer rave. Ηe views all his outlets of creativity, from art, to music, to dance, as intertwined and affecting of each other. The interview provides more context to what inspires the choice of tracks included in the mix follows - a mix that’s ‘cosmic butter’ according to Raph. This is not an episode to be missed and we hope you love it as much as we do! Check out our Instagram @diggingtheunderground to follow along to this episode with photos of the artwork and videos that Jake mentions and as per usual the link to the Spotify playlist for this episode (including the rest of Jake's favourite songs!) can be found in the link in our bio :)

Episode 3 - Digging with Zaltsman: Guest Mix

Join us this week as we reminisce on our pre 'rona lives and share our favourite clubbing destinations, as well as revealing what the playlist of our lives so far would be called. In this episode we have a guest mix from DJ Zaltsman, who was playing at the last ever event we went to at The Cause (we miss you Tier 2!xxx). So make sure to tune in this Friday to hear his amazing mix that will guarantee you some Friday night happiness! @Zaltsmandj

Episode 2 - Digging with Subculture Sage: A Chat with the Best in Experimental Hip-Hop

This week we bring you an interview with Subculture Sage; a British duo who are the frontrunners of experimental UK hip-hop. In light of their new releases 'I am the Ghost' and 'Hackers', it is great to catch up with them and talk about their inspiration, how they made music in lockdown, and their favourite memories from gigs. So make sure to tune in to learn more about this duo whilst also grooving to a selection of their songs!

Episode 7 - Digging with PVA: A Chat with London’s Genre-bending Trio

This week we bring you an interview with the genre-bending, electro trio PVA. Tune in to hear more about their 2020 release, ‘Toner’, the stories behind its making, working with Mura Musa, and the venues that they wish they could be storming again! Before our deep dive with PVA, we take you on a semi-coherent ramble which includes the must-have Soundcloud remix to pop in your playlist and a desperate plea for a jingle that sounds less awful than what Lola came up with.

Episode 6 - Digging in the Kitchen: Next Door Records Have Us Cooking Up a Storm

Good music, good wine, and good food. What more could you want? In this episode, we chat to Next Door Records, a record shop and bar based in Shepherd's Bush that has adapted to the restrictions of lockdown by selling home meal kits. The menu changes every week and is designed by chef Alistair (@furloughandsons). On Friday evening they send you a beautifully wrapped package of ingredients and instructions on how to whip up the meal at home. We decided to try out one of these kits after interviewing Alfie, one of the founders of Next Door Records, and spoiler alert - it was delicious! To keep the cooking theme going, in the second half of this episode we each bring you three tracks that we like to listen to whilst cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Hear us talk about why we love these tracks so much then enjoy them whilst cooking along with us! Bring some snacks whilst tuning in - this episode is going to make you hungry!

Episode 1 - Digging from Detroit to London: How Techno and Garage Came About

Welcome to the first episode of Digging the Underground! We kick things off by taking you on a tour from the clubs which created techno in Detroit in the 80s before seeing how techno music reunited the East and West after the wall came down in Berlin. Then we go back across the pond to see how speed garage and 2-step were born in pirate radio stations and small north London clubs...

Episode 4 - Digging with Mungo’s Hi Fi: Scotland’s Biggest Sound System

In episode 4, we bring you a track by Sunship and a breakdown of Madlib’s album ‘Sound Ancestors’ (because Lola won’t stop talking about it). Get to know more about Mungo’s Hi Fi - one of Glasgow’s biggest reggae/dub groups, as we chat to one of its founders Douglas Paine. He shares stories about how the sound system first got going and how they continue to be successful 20 years on.

Episode 8 - Digging with Nowheretobefound

In this week's episode, we are in conversation with Adrian Rybka who is known best for his drum & bass alias, Satl. Nowheretobefound is Rybka's new project in which he reaches all things non drum and bass to create a melting pot of his explorations within downtempo, garage, house, and techno. Satl's mark is already prominent within the music scene, and it isn't crazy to expect Noweheretofound to follow close by. With his debut EP, Arrival, being released earlier this year, this isn't one to miss.

Episode 9 - Digging What We’re Listening To : What's Been Playing in Raph and Lola’s headphones

Join us discussing Loods’ new release and the funny story behind Raph discovering it. Lola brings us a podcast recommendation about Caribou and gives us all a reason to fall in love with his album ‘Suddenly’ and his new release ‘Suddenly Remixes’. For a dance, you’ve got Edinburgh student Isaac Williams supplying some old and new rave tracks in a mix that follows. A chatty episode with lots of laughs in, not one to miss if you need some new tracks to listen to!

Episode 10 - Digging Songs & Stories: People's favourite songs and the reason why they mean so much.

"What is your favourite song and why does it mean so much to you?" This is the question we posed to the public in our Episode 10 special. Listen to people's stories as they explain why a song is their favorite and share that memory with them as you listen to the track. We hope you enjoy this extra special collaborative episode! Check out our insta @diggingtheunderground for more stories that were submitted...