Down to earth (but still exceptional) with Alex & Iz

Down to earth (but still exceptional)

Thursday at 19:00GMT

The ladies of Aux Anxiety are back! Iz has spent the last year getting culturally enriched in Amsterdam (if learning how to cycle home from a night out counts as immersion). Alex has had a slightly different cultural experience, truly enjoying the delicacies of Edinburgh (Buckfast and battered mars bars?). We’re older, not necessarily wiser, and we’re ready to tackle some of the big issues: Zoom seminar etiquette, how to politely tell your dissertation supervisor that you’re having a breakdown, and tips for seducing the flat across the road with only post-it notes and banter. All this, AND great tunes that your friends will be secretively Shazam-ing?! Tune in — it’s not like you’ll be leaving the house anyway.

Episode 6: Embarrazzed In The House

Episode 6 and it's time to get real. This week, Alex and Iz discuss the top 10 most embarrassing (or embarAZZing, if you're cultured) and inevitable things to happen to them as students. If you too are victim of the cobbles in George Square, have swapped a tutorial to avoid speaking to your tinder match, and may or may not have been kicked out of Edinburgh's finest nightclubs, then you'll find a warm affinity here. And if not, then at least you can have a good laugh at the (arguably iconic) misfortunes of others.

Episode 5: Kicked Out The (White) House

Four years of Trump *finally* ending causes for BIG celebration, and that's exactly what Iz and Alex are doing tonight. Still a little delusional from another hard week of uni work, your co-hosts discuss the perils of getting caught with a burrito in the no-eating section of the library, fangirling over Nicola Sturgeon and the unconventional headlines from the last few weeks that you might have missed. Tune in for some great tunes and GREAT chat (we could be a little biased though)...

Episode 4: Spooked In The House

This week, Down To Earth But Still Exceptional brings you the ultimate Halloween special! Join Iz and Alex as they discuss their biggest fears, recount spooky tales and quiz each other on some hard-hitting Halloween trivia.

Episode 3: Overwhelmed in the House

Alex and Iz are knee-deep in deadlines, delusional from too many hours in the library, but the show must go on! This week we're taking you back in time to ~2017~ when we were freshers ready to take on the world - sharing our best tips and advice so that you can learn from our mistakes.

Episode 2: Cold In The House

It's autumn. The leaves are falling, and so is the temperature. Join us on this cold Thursday night if you too are sick of seeing your breath in the flat. You might not be able to see your friends in the flesh, but hey, we're coming at you loud and proud with promises of great tunes and some (questionably) great chat. This week, we're getting back into the swing of things, vowing to work on our communication skills and developing our identities as Hot and Known women. If you're curious as to why the thought of a wedding might give Iz the ick, or want the optimum results from a 10,000 food calorie challenge, then there's only one place to be. Hint: it's with us.

Episode 1: Bored in the House

The ladies of Aux Anxiety are back and ready to tackle the big issues. This first episode sees Alex and Iz doing what they do best: talking sh*t. Join for the *very first* showcase of some great lockdown tunes, alongside chat about everything from the Kardashians to a very comprehensive discussion of the Greggs Pumpkin Spice Latte. (6/10 if you were wondering.)