Escape to the Country with Jacob New

Escape to the Country

Saturday at 12:00GMT

Edinburgh's premier country music show. Listen as I attempt to take on the greatest challenge in modern society: turning Edinburgh University students into country music fans. I also have guests and have a bit of a chat but we're all really here for the music.

Episode 6

This week: Not so breaking news: Biden is president! In honour of his win this week is dedicated to the democrats of country, featuring Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and more. And the only official ranking of the top five beer moments you could ever possibly have.

Episode 5

The Backstreet Boys? Miley Cyrus? Some guy from Tiktok? On a country music show? Jacob must have gone mad! Another solo episode but with great music and a new segment (oooooh exciting) this another must-listen episode.

Episode 4 - Couple's Country

This week Jacob is joined by radio host and book club founder Anne Van Der Poel in the most chaotic episode ever! Tune in to hear a nuanced critique of country music from Anne as well as the rebranding of winners and losers of the week.

Episode 3

Jacob is running solo this week but don't let that put you off tuning in this episode is still ELECTRIC! From comedians to wasp stings, from the presidential election (eugh) to English Literature (what!?) this episode has it all. Oh and the music selection has some absolute bangers; this is not an episode you want to miss!

Episode 2

Special guest Andy Paterson and Jacob discuss everything from the Old Firm to the biggest stars in the world of TikTok, oh and also played a bit of country music too!

Episode 1