Gay and Afraid with Vita and Jamie

Gay and Afraid
What happens when two wild & queer, 'lefty' best friends make a chat show? The result is Gay and Afraid! Drawing on philosophy and literature, co-hosts Vita and Jamie navigate discussions of arts, politics, and interpersonal issues while learning radio presentation on the fly. Gay and Afraid aspires to bring insightful, light-hearted chat to your living room. We want to hear from you! Get in touch with us on Twitter, or email us at We're especially eager to discuss your questions and concerns, on any topic, light or dark.

Episode 4: Gender and Sexuality

In this weeks episode, part one of two, we discuss gender and sexuality with our very French and very gay friend Ben. Topics covered include our own experiences, the state of gender and sexuality politics in France, radical discourse and the role of language, in addition to constantly slagging off Montreal hipsters.

Episode 3: Poetry and the Occult

In this week's ~Halloween special~ Jamie and Vita are joined by spooky friend and poet Hannah Tolman to discuss connections between poetry and the Occult. Topics covered include Occult history, Andrei Tarkovsky, Sylvia Plath, and the relationship between poetry and nature. Listen in for some incredible poetry readings as we celebrate the beauty of the profane.

Episode 2: Humour

In this episode we interview our friend Ben Watson and discuss all things comedy and humour, from the differences between North American and British stand up and sketch shows, to more philosophical musings about irony, sincerity, and theories of humour purported by thinkers such as David Foster Wallace, Hobbes, Freud, and Kierkegaard. As always, the episode is littered with personal anecdotes and considerations about how we three personally live a life with humour.

Episode 1: Introduction

Introductory remarks and topic of the week: class and love.