Hannah's Happy Hour with Hannah and Tamsin

Hannah's Happy Hour

Saturday at 15:00GMT

#6 Mystery podcast from the past

After a lengthy haitus one can only blame not-so-subtly on the FRESHAIR TECH TEAM, Hannah's Happy Hour had to go into Nonconsensual Han-bernation. In so doing, one episode that was due to go out before Christmas got lost to the airwaves UNTIL NOW. What went on in this podcast? I literally have no idea. Did I even double check this audio file before hurling it into the digital airwaves? No. Can I can tell you it was guaranteed HIGH QUALITY FIRST GRADE 100% NEVER DONE BEFORE 24K GOLD? ---- YES.

#5 Hannah has THOUGHTS about Nasty Cherry's toxic workplace culture

This episode we explode onto the airwaves with a vital and critial look at the events EVERYONES talking about this week - Who was to blame for the toxic bullying culture in Charlie XCX's punk girl band Nasty Cherry? Also, we touch on the election. YET MORE exciting than that however is our 2-part QUIZATHON extravaganza: Encumbant or cucumber? AND who tweeted this caption - Vanessa Hudgens, Neil Patrick Harris, us or some rando American MAGA grandma trapped in an Insta pyramid scheme? Find out by tuning in...

#4 Hannah's Halloween Spook Fest

This week Hannah and special returner and potentially permanent (!) guest Tamsin cast their minds back to halloweens past for a not-so-spooky-chat. Other topics include: whether fireworks have right wing energy, whether taping two Iphones together would make a good flip phone, and which theme songs we NEVER skip. Alongside the chat we have some high quality jams from Pyschic Ills, Haitus Kaiyote and Julia Jacklin.

#3 Hannah and Tamsin's 100 Top Moments of Culture (Part 2, 50-1)

Part 2 of Hannah and Tamsin's deep dive into culture, we look now at 50-1 on our list. From Gavin and Stacey, to the eras of Lady Gaga, find out which moment of culture we chose for number 1!

#2 Hannah and Tamsin's 100 Top Moments of Culture (Part 1, 100-50)

Hannah and Tamsin plough through a self-penned UNDISPUTABLE countdown list of the top all time moments of culture: from Chris Pratt's Essex accent and Millie Bobby Brown bravely coming out as a flat earther, to Gweneth Paltrow being 'Becky With the Good Hair' and the infamous You Won Jane episode of Come Dine With Me. Disagree with our list? Don't DM Tamsin about it, her inbox is closed to critique honey!

#1 Hannah's Debut Show

Welcome to the first episode of Hannah's Happy Hour! No guests this week, just an hour of figuring out this new technology, funky fresh music from the likes of Air and Connan Mockasin and a few lockdown recommendation contributions from Edinburgh friends