Haters with Patrick Hall


Saturday at 16:00GMT

Patrick Hall and guests discuss the people they love to hate.

7. Rory

This week Patrick is joined by Rory McKeon (PRONOUNCED MACK-YONE THANK YOU!!), a glass-half-full kinda guy who isn't accustomed to being mean. Greg Wallace, if you're listening...message me xx

6. Ishbel

Patrick chats to Ishbel McLachlan, runner up in series 16 of World's Strongest Woman, about the people she can't stand. Featuring Gary Lineker shower-related erotica.

5. Mica

Patrick speaks to Some Random Woman (Mica Noreen Andersen) about her pet-hate people. Christ, will she ever shut up about musical theatre?

4. Martha and Alisha

Patrick talks to girl bosses Martha and Alisha about the fellas who grind their gears. Mike Posner fans are advised to cover their ears.

3. Rosie

This week Patrick talks to Wee Willie Winkie enthusiast Rosie Bullough Barry (RBB) about the people she just can't abide. Out: clarity and concision. In: endless tangents and winding, meandering stories.

2. Regan

Patrick speaks to Very Hateful Person Mr Regan Sneddon about who his top 3 anti-faves are and why. Acerbic commentary and withering criticism ensues.