I'll Try Anything Once with Jack and Freyja

I'll Try Anything Once

Saturday at 14:00GMT

Jack and Freyja try something they've never tried before every single week, from sunrise hikes to blind dating to writing Christmas songs!

ITAO #8: I'll Write A Christmas Song Once

Jack and Frez are confident that the following hour of festive delights contains the next Christmas Number One... alright, we know it's early. Wrap your cold, red ears around the series finale, as the Try-Hard duo write and record an Xmas anthem for the ages.

ITAO #7: I'll Try A Blind Date Once

It's the juiciest ep so far! Frey and Jack set each other up on blind dates for the first time ever (albeit, as it happens, with people each of them have previously met) to see if love in the time of quarantine is really possible. Includes chat about giant hedges, Botticelli's Venus and the awkwardest moments of

ITAO #6: Astrology vs Astronomy

Jack and Frez peer into the universe of astrology, with mixed results, and attempt to go stargazing on an evening enshrouded with fog... with mixed results.

ITAO #5: I'll Try Driving To The Coast Once

Jack and Frez hit the road again this week for a safe'n'sound trip to the seaside. Gasp at Freyja's knowledge of whale species! Drool at the offerings of a local greasy spoon! Marvel at the richness of this travelogue!

ITAO #4: I'll Try A Home Spa Day Once

Freyja and Jack take it easy over midterm week, treating themselves to a spa day from the comfort of home. If you've ever longed to hear on-air waxing, wrap your ears around this one...

ITAO #3: I'll Try Borrowing A Dog Once

Jack and Freyja, plus legendary special guest Morag, explore Leith in the company of their delightful canine companion Benji. Expect revelations about rat poison, eider ducks, sand sculptures, and plenty more...

ITAO #1: I'll Try Arthur's Seat At Sunrise Once

Jack and Freyja get up at the crack of sparrows for their first ever jaunt up Arthur's Seat at sunrise. Do we thoroughly recommend? Only one way to find out...

ITAO #2: I'll Try Gin Making Once

Freyja and Jack get their hands sticky in the kitchen this week as they attempt to distil their own gin. We've got filtration, we've got infusion, we've got terrible miscalculations, we've got dodgy impressions of Scandinavian women... your Saturday afternoon starts right here!