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Isabel's World

Tuesday at 13:00GMT

Ello! Welcome to Isabel's World - radio edition! Thank you so much for tuning in - expect some good chats, good tunes and all round good vibes :)

#8 self love, self respect and self confidence!!

another motivating one! i hope you enjoy pumpkins!! xxx

#7 achieving your dreams!!

in such a good mood today!! hope you enjoy this one! also you can find previous eps on apple podcasts!! lots of love <333

#6 so you want to talk about models


#5 my dream dinner party guests!

Hope you've all had a good week! Looks like a lockdown is coming but I'm just gonna put that out of my mind and chat a bit about books, how I'm getting out of my rut and the ten people I'd invite to my dream dinner party hehe!

#4 life is like a box of chocs

This week I go down memory lane and remember some past Halloween memoriezz!! Also includes me ranking the Celebrations chocolates from best to worst :D kisses!!

#3 me as a child lol

Round three! Gets a bit deep this week with some long chats on the topic of childhood. Hear me ramble on about what I was like as a kid, my weird and wacky memories and how it shaped who I am today. Big love!!

#2 just go with it

Welcome back! Starting to find my feet this week and feeling more at ease :) This week's a bit of a brain vomit - I hope you enjoy!

#1 i'm so awkward hehe

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Isabel's World - radio edition! I'm so happy that you have all tuned in to listen and super grateful for all the love and support. I hope you enjoy this mini series that's a spinoff from my blog as I try something new!