Its is easy being Green

Its is easy being Green
Here to discuss environmental issues around the world and how they inadvertently affect us as members of the public. This is where you can find out what small things you can do to help those issues while listening to some groovy tunes.

Coal Industry

This week is the first episode in the series concerning Energy! This week focuses on being informative and providing information about the coal industry. We look a bit at things we can do to lower our carbon footprint while listening to some jazzy tunes. Enjoy!

Fast Fashion

In this episode i will be looking at fast fashion brands and why we should try and boycott them. I'll be grooving to hip hop and funk vibes in the breaks. Enjoy!

Sustainability and Coffee

Tune in for some fabulous tunes. Oh and hey, while you're listening you'll get to find out all about coffee and how to consume it more sustainably.