Musical Sightseeing with Athan Yanos and Ali Azmi

Musical Sightseeing

Thursday at 13:00GMT

The purpose of the show is to shed light on and give exposure to different countries' history and culture through their music. Our goal is to take advantage of the city's and schools' diversity and provide a platform where people of various backgrounds and nationalities could showcase and celebrate their countries' music, while also allowing people, who are not of that particular country or background, an opportunity to enjoy music that they might not have otherwise listened to because of lack of international marketing or language barriers. Each show will be dedicated to a different country, and we will give people of those countries to have the opportunity to come on and talk about their music. You can find more information @

Episode 4: U.S. election special

Join us as we mark history by traveling to the U.S to commemorate this time through music

Episode 3: Hungary (featuring Zsófia Bokor)

Relax in the many thermal baths of Budapest as you explore the rich history and culture of Hungary through its music (featuring Zsófia Bokor).

Episode 2: Bangladesh (featuring Eesaa Kazi)

Join us as we travel from Southern Europe to Southern Asia as we flow through the sounds of Bangladesh's 700 rivers with Eesaa Kazi.

Episode 1: Catalonia(featuring Dario Martinez Barrera)

Join us as Dario Martinez Barrera leads us through the beats and rhythms of Catalonia