Our Child with Teddy

Our Child

Sunday at 14:00GMT

Alongside long-suffering co-host and news-reader David Mynors, Teddy Fahey presents Edinburgh Uni's favorite alternative rock chat show! Featuring a selection of guests from the Edinburgh Uni theatre world, Our Child combines an eclectic mix of both heavy and popular music, comedy sketches, games and plenty of laughs. Strap in and strap on for an hour of low-class filth and high-class tunes!

Episode 9 - Ewan Bruce

Ho ho ho! Merry FreshAir.org.uk! In this episode, the season 5 finale, Teddy is joined by President of EUSOG and Edinburgh University theatre legend Ewan Bruce for an episode filled with old-school bant and nu (school) metal! Pie or Sausage returns in full force, Name That Tune goes Showbiz and Ewan has a rather spiritual reaction to a double-finger twix bar. It is time to get festive! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOLLY CHRISTMAS MONKEY

Episode 8 - Matthew Storey

One week on and FreshAir.org.uk have yet to deal with their ninja infiltration - don't worry, because you can listen to this week's episode, featuring Edinburgh University theatre legend Matthew Storey, by clicking on the cheeky link below! This week, the boys discuss racing pigeons, play a round of Pie or Sausage, listen to some Big Band and indulge in slightly heavier music - YOYOYOY! 🦧

Episode 7 - Xavi Bird

Stone me, Xavi is back! Today, the boys discuss Papal mishaps, unorthodox barbershop techniques, long-forgotten hip-hop trio of yore and the return of a classic sponsor!

Episode 5 - Tom Iddon

Good smoking Jesus on a stick! Teddy is joined once again by Tom Iddon for another episode of FreshAir.org.uks favorite alternative music chat show! Todays topics include Tom's new job, whale sculptures and ingenious ways to bipass customs in Indian airports. Grime superstar Skepta also makes his return to Our Child where the gang subject him to a Frost/Nixon style interview, and Tom brings back BollyWHAT as well as a BRAND NEW GAME! WE'RE GOING APE WILD!

Episode 4

Chocks away! The dynamic duo return for another episode consisting of synthwave bangers, heavy breakdowns and Italian Americans with odd bizarre speech-patterns. Dave brings the Twix review to another level with a special addition confection, and Teddy both struggles to pronounce Arabic words and unwittingly insults the wealthiest man on Earth. MUMZILLA!

Episode 3

Bally heck! David is back live and raring to go from Orlando Airport! This episode, the gang talk magical monkeys, alternative wasp extermination methods and a particularly rubbish metalcore band. Expert raunchy chat, incredible tunes and a guest appearance from a legendary nu-metal band! We're talking messy town.

Episode 2 - Tom Iddon

By 'eck! Another Thomas? What is this, the court of Henry VIII? This week, Teddy is joined by Footlights legend Tom Iddon, who makes him aware of a Northern man living with a couple of incontinent birds. And if that wasn't GANGSTER enough, a new game is brought to the Fray. The Fray then ignore the new game because they are too busy being a terrible band, and so Teddy has to be the one to test it. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH CHEEKY MONKEYS!

Episode 1 - Tom Hindle

Whoa mummy, Our Child is back again for another series of heavy tunes, alternative anthems and unbridled filth so it is! This episode, whilst Dave is fighting the big fight overseas, Teddy is joined by verteran of Bedlam Theatre, Paradok and EUSOG - Tom Hindle! Things go from saucy to sizzling in the blink of a warlock's ringpiece! We discuss the well-trodden ground that is bad poetry, how one particularly cunning Irishman dealt with internet scammers and the employment status of a rather tattooed man. Strap in and strap on for another hour of third-rate smut and first-rate music!