Ovary-acting with Lauren Galligan

A chat show made for people who identify as womxn, by womxn. Guest speakers can bring their knowledge, wisdom and professional expertise to encourage conversation, break down stigma and hype up our fellow women and non binary people across Edinburgh and beyond. We hope to discuss everything from periods to pregnancy, contraception to everyday misconceptions about what it means to simply be a woman in the world today, as well as simply using this platform to showcase the talents and successes of our guests. Some topics will include: The porn industry and sex work, Menstruating and period poverty, women in medicine, LGBT women, contraception and abortion, as well as many more. We believe that topics that no one seems to want to talk about NEED to be talked about, and I hope to use this platform to do it. \n

Poetry vs Patriarchy - The feminist writer

This week English literature student Susanna Demelas comes onto the show to share some of her feminist poetry and gives us an insight into what the writing process looks like for her. We follow the themes of patriarchy, the male gaze, a feminized ideal of 'eating' and much more! If you like what you hear (and you will) make sure to drop Susanna a follow on her writing instagram account @susannawrites !!

The vagina dialogues

This week, founder of the feminist discussion group 'Vagina Dialogues' at Oxford University, Mhairi Tait, comes onto Ovary-Acting for a chat about the impact of shame on the experiences of women and the value of normalising reproductive issues through group catharsis. We talk all things contraception, UTI's, body hair and vaginismus, exploring the links between being open with our friends and happy with our bodies!

Back off Chalmers

This week we are so lucky to get to chat to Ella, the founder of the recently launched campaign 'Back off Chalmers' which is aiming to get 150m buffer zones around clinics that provide abortion services in Edinburgh. These buffer zones will protect anyone accessing services from the harassment and abuse of anti-choice protesters who are currently causing a great deal of harm outside clinics. We talk all about the work going on with Back off Chalmers, why it is important and how you can get involved, as well as discussing how you can begin to have, and the impact of, conversations about abortion. Please take a look at @backoffchalmers on facebook and instagram and sign the petition to get buffer zones implemented around clinics in Edinburgh! The work being done by Ella and the team is unbelievably important - everyone deserves the right to a safe, shame-free abortion.

Erotic Audio and the porn industry!

K&J are the founders of 'Cum with us,' a recently launched platform for erotic audio stories which aims to encourage ethical porn consumption and empower women through self-pleasure. We talk about problems with mainstream porn sites such as Pornhub, what we should be looking for when making sure the porn we consume is ethical and how significant the education system is in reshaping the porn industry. We talk about the impact platforms like Cum with Us can have in destigmatising the act of watching porn and the ideas we have around female desire and self-pleasure. You can take a look at the work K&J are doing on their Instagram @cumwithusofficial !


This week Leah, the creator of Madwomxn magazine, comes on to share all about the creative process which led to the formation of the feminist, all inclusive, all EMPOWERING collective that is Madwomxn. We talk about how important communities like this are for women and marginalized genders and how you can get involved in the future!

Art IS work

This week we have two guests who are playwrights based in London going by their pen names, Abbie Mahony Woods and Somebody Jones! In light of the negative talk by government at the moment about the arts and the theatre industry, we shed some light on the great successes of two women in this industry, talk about their challenges getting to where they are now, as well as giving some advice for up and coming artists.

Why are lesbians not at the forefront of queer culture?

To recognise International Lesbian day (October 8th) guest Izzy Hodgson comes to talk all things Lesbian visibility, both throughout history and in society today. We explore some really interesting topics, such as the links between misogyny and homophobia, and ask ourselves, why is it that gay women are not at the forefront of queer culture?

Inequalities in the medical and drug industry

In our first episode, Neuroscience student Laurel comes on to talk all about inequalities in the medicine and drug industry, touching on topics such as drug testing, contraception, breast feeding and more! We ask questions like: why is it that doctors are so dismissive of women, and why is it that baby formula is STILL not developed to an adequate standard?