Paper, Tele, Sound with Edinburgh’s Media Societies

Paper, Tele, Sound
A collaboration between the University of Edinburgh’s Media societies, exploring the student experience at Edinburgh.

Mental Health at The University of Edinburgh: Are Students Being Supported?

In this week’s episode we’ll be talking all about the mental health services the University of Edinburgh, looking at student experiences, the University’s perspective and our suggestions on how the current system could be improved. Peter Johnson from Fresh Air will be speaking to Cerys Maidment (EUTV) and Millie Lord (The Student) about the investigative work they have done on this topic over the past few months. Editor: Michael Forward Music: Michael Goessler

Scottish Independence: How will it affect students?

Whilst there has been much debate on how independence may affect the economy, the environment and healthcare in Scotland, there has been no discussion in the media about how it would affect students. This podcast discusses how independence might affect students in Scotland. Producer & Presenter: Jonty Eaton-Hart (EUTV) Featuring: Samuel MacLeod (FreshAir), Adam Losekoot (The Student). Editor: Monty Walker (EUTV)