poetry, but make it relevant

poetry, but make it relevant

Sunday at 16:00GMT

An interview show with young poets where we talk about what they're writing. Then we make it funny and (you guessed it) relevant!

Christian Maddock

This week we hear the delightfully funny poetry of Christian Maddock. We talk about Mar-a-lago, no-kill shelters and designer children's clothes!

Patrick Benson

This week we talk through B-grade christmas music, beauty, modes of transport and of course the poetry that inspires Patrick Benson!

Rosa Appignanesi

This episode we chat about emotionless sex, brokeness, individualism and not wanting to survive an apocalypse!

Modernism and Romanticism

Today we talk through two of my favourite poetry movements which I reference a lot! It's not super detailed or academic, it's a fun meander through their ideas more than a lecture!

Carl Alexandersson

Spoken word, Sweden, anglo-centrism, queerness, being universal, not taking yourself too seriously we cover just about everything in this episode. Please don't miss it!

Jacob Veitch-Hodges

Bob Dylan, why it’s ok to find shakespeare boring, biographical writing

Lauren Galligan

This episode we talk about making cults for oats, bad writing prompts and of course some of Lauren Galligan's wonderful poetry! Lauren's latest poetry covers topics from self-image to family and death. Honestly, if nothing else, listen for Lauren's wonderful laugh!

Priya Basra

This episode I'm talking with Priya about visual culture, Vine, biblical fruits and why she hates Rupi Kaur! Oh and her brilliant and very relevant poetry.