Positivi-TEA with Emily


Saturday at 14:00GMT

This is a 60 minute filled positive news show which show cases the best 10 feel good, huggin', lovin', make you smile, stories from the week past. Because the world right now is a place full of anxiety, and questions, and hard-hitting news - but the world does still continue to turn and there are amazing things happening all over the globe which should be more widely shared. Intermixed with these feel good stories are a range of different, diverse tunes. No genre limitations or labels here, it's a flow of different music some old and some new. This show feeds your mind both with fact, and with music, with hopefully a bit of fun times thrown in for good measure. A feast for the ears, all surrounded by the calming nature of a good old cuppa - so tune in, to tune out. No fake news, just great news.

#4 LGBTeaQ+

February is LGBTQ+ History month, as a a gay female, it's a month close to my heart. It's also my birth month, but that's as much a coincidence as attending an all female school, or playing an all female sport. This week we break from the tradition of the Positivi-TEA show style, as we focus on 6 amazing stories from the LGBTQ+ community. Join me to hear of some incredible trailblazers, and inspirational stories, alongside some amazing, beautiful music from LGBTQ+ artists. This episode has been a pleasure and a joy to record, I hope you learn something, I hope it brings you some hope and bucket loads of positivity. Tune in to tune out, and spread the love. Because love always wins.

#3 Positivi-TEAly LOVE

It's February 14th which means one thing and one thing only... time to eat your heart out with anything and everything chocolate related. An excuse to gorge your way through every box of chocolates you can get your hands on - no-one to share it with? Bonus: all the more for you. Valentine's Day isn't just about sharing love with that 'someone special' but about sharing love with all your nearest and dearest. It's been a tough year for everyone, so hold your bubble tight, and find time to pick up the phone and call those you wish you could hug. A fitting day for a Positivi-TEA show, where we focus on everything good that's going on right now in the world. Another week of positive news stories, with a real eclectic mix of music - and no, don't worry, it's not a sickly sweet, Valentines Day overload. Tune in to tune out.

#2 One Happy Belly

A break from tradition, and I couldn't think of a better way to do so. This week instead of 10 feel good stories, we have one amazing hour long story. The story of my great friend Bel. In 2016 Bel contracted a tropical illness which led to Chronic Fatigue. Through this interview, we discuss Bel's illness and how she managed to handle both physically and mentally this whilst going through University, finding a Career path that suits her and is manageable, and how becoming a yogi has been a saving grace. This is a beautiful blend of tough conversations and joyous moments, and it was a pleasure and a joy to record. We laughed, we nearly cried, and we talked (a lot). Thankyou Bel, you're incredible.

#1 New Year, Same Positivi-TEA

Tune in to hear the Taiwanese grandparents taking the world of instagram fashion by storm. The new dancing Elderly Road Crossing signs, used to tackle self-fulfilling prophesies of old age. Plus Scotland's making the news again, positively tackling period poverty. There's also a tonne of amazing music, so grab a cuppa, sit back, and tune in to tune out.