Press Pause with Anne van der Poel

Press Pause

Wednesday at 16:00GMT

An hour to reflect on and digest thoughts, feelings, and emotions from the past week. Join me to 'press pause' on your day, sit down, unwind, and reflect in a world thats always running.

Episode 7: Motivation station

This week I am feeling unmotivated and uninspired, and decide to push through that feeling and hit record. I share my experience, talk about some tips, and play some songs.

Episode 6: Silence and Sharing

This week I mention the word sharing 1000 times in one hour in my quest to talk about how central 'breaking silence' and sharing is in our current political climate and our social lives. I mainly discuss sharing about mental health, my own journey with this, and my tips for others.

Episode 5: Solo Travel

This week I am discussing solo travel together with my first guest, Alex. We talk about obstacles, experiences, and growth experienced through travelling solo. Tune in for a slightly more lighthearted episode and some giggle

Episode 4: Notes on the body

On this somewhat unstructured episode I talk through various thoughts I have on the body, experiencing life through it, learning to love it, and how it is impacted by lockdown cycles.

Episode 3: Failure and Grind Culture

On this episode I discuss failure, and how this is inadvertently bound up with a grind culture that convinces us we can always do more and be better. I share my own experience with this, and ways to counter-act it

Episode 2: Friendships

On this episode I discuss the ins and outs of friendships, talking about the difference between giving and getting, and what is really important

Episode 1: Reflecting

For my first episode I am chatting about self care and reflecting, and how those two things can intersect through journaling