Society Spotlight with Samuel

Society Spotlight
Spotlighting the best of the University of Edinburgh's student societies

Makeup & SFX

The University of Edinburgh Make-Up and SFX Society is the only society of its kind, bringing you events ranging from make-up masterclasses to gory SFX, external brand events, and fun socials! Instagram: edinburghmakeupandsfx


The Edinburgh University Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue Society (EUPIDS) provides a non-partisan platform for students and staff of the University of Edinburgh to discuss their personal experiences, cultural identities and political views in relation to Palestine and/or Israel. Twitter: @EUPIDSociety Instagram: @eupids_edinburgh

The Noisy Movement

The Noisy Movement is a student-led nonprofit social enterprise that aims to make more noise and raise awareness for important causes that supports vulnerable groups in our society. Our goal is to raise awareness of such prevalent issues in our society. Whether you are interested in joining our movement, supporting us by attending our events, repping our merch or simply getting to know what TNM does, please get in touch with us via our socials: insta: @the_noisy_movement Facebook- The Noisy Movement Twitter- @NoisyMovement