Sonic Transcendence

Sonic Transcendence

Wednesday at 17:00GMT

Focus will be on world music (specifically Central/South America + Africa), upcoming music labels and finishing with spoken word from past or present (letters, speeches, stories, poetry).

The World of Shaolin Cowboy

This episode had upcoming DJ & producer - Shaolin Cowboy - for a chat about his work, influences + plans for the future - with some unreleased music of his on exhibition!

Creating a new narrative with Will McCartney

I chatted with Will McCartney, the founder of the music website/ online magazine The Noise Narrative, which aims to bring to people, through interviews, mixes and articles, all the best and most underrated music in the underground scene today, ranging from rock to dance music!

Lotte Thomas on strings and Louis Higgins on soundscape

This episode had two guests, Lotte Thomas, where we chatted about her new release 'Shelter' on Spotify and the lovely tracks she chose - and then Louis Higgins, who spoke about his soundscape projects in Berlin!

Sonic Transcendence: Jiving with Harold S

This week's show had my friend Harold and co-founder of the record label, Jive Hive Records, which is based in Oxford. Showcasing their new releases and the process behind running a label, we had a great chat about his music and more!

Sonic Transcendence: Tuff Bear Special

This episode had upcoming artist Tuff Bear for a chat about his remixes and newest productions, his inspirations, plans and the ups and downs of being an artist - with a sneaky peak at the end of his newest release! Enjoy.