Sound and Vision with Esme Guron

Sound and Vision
Welcome to 'Sound and Vision' a mish mash of a show exploring my two greatest obsessions; art and music. This show looks to combine the senses as each week I will be choosing a piece of artwork stretching from painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion, and installation art and comprising a synaesthetic playlist which I feel resonates with the artist of that week. As well as creating a playlist of diverse genres I will be elaborating on the history and philosophies behind the artists work and life. I am trying to encourage people to see artwork from a different perspective; urging listeners at home to hear with their eyes as well as see with their ears. As I attempt to make art history and visual analysis more inclusive and accessible, hopefully more people will be pulled into the history of art (a sadly dying subject) minus its pretences.

Andy Warhol

This weeks show focuses on the tin foil splattered world of Andy Warhol with a focus on his 1964 silkscreen flowers.

Tove Jansson

This weeks episode explores the life of Moomin creator, Tove Jansson. I am joined with my friend, Liv, who is from Helsinki where Tove grew up. The focus of the show is two paintings by Tove; 'The Great Flood' 1945 and 'Smoking Girl' 1940. We aim to uncover Tove's inspiring life as well as her much overlooked painterly works, aside from her illustrations which she is most famous for. We go from Scandinavian culture and folklore to Tove's romantic life and beautiful works of art!

Yayoi Kusama

This week we delve into the world of installation art via the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. As well as discussing her "infinity Mirrors" installation we will be exploring the underbelly of the art world; outsider artists and the relationship between psychology and art.