TBH with Natalia Kortals, Andrzej Caba


Thursday at 19:00GMT

More of a fever dream than an actual show. Your hosts Andrzej and Natalia – two polar opposites in their musical preferences, (yet somehow friends in real life) introduce each other to their favorite tunes. There is a theme to accompany each episode and create ground for discussion, arguments and discoveries. This show may be fun to host only 50% of time, but it is guaranteed to be fun to listen to 100% of the time.

Ep 6 - a very digressive (but not aggressive) episode

Buckle up, babes, we are going on a trip to discover some of the greatest songs of albums with vehicles on their covers (cars not allowed)!

Ep 5 - 5/12 of the year

You'd think that after 5 episodes we would be good at this. WRONG! Dive into a huge festival of awkwardness as we discover songs with months in the title.

Ep 4 - an elk, a fox, a deer, two bears, at least three wolves, an owl

Celebrate the Day of Feeding Forest Animals with us (because Fat Thursday is overrated).

Ep 3 - Selected Number Songs 0-777

Numbers may not be our strength, but these tunes sure are.

Ep 2 - we miss pop-punk and a girl called Laura

Today's theme guides us towards realization that 2012 was a good year and our songs have a lot in common. Also Andrew got a new microphone and sounds decent now (Natalia still doesn't).

Ep 1 - terrible music, math rock and lockdown rap

It is probably a myszojeleń on the cover of C - toe! You're welcome.