The Gaylist with Erin Kieser and Lizzy De Luca

The Gaylist
A weekly music and chat show, co-hosted by Erin (they/them) and Lizzy (she/they) where we carry out our evil plan of projecting queerness into the world and the cosmos by showcasing our favourite queer musicians! 😇😈 We're on air every Wednesday, 6-7 PM GMT, discussing important (and not so important) issues and topics relating to queerness and/in the music industry!

Spooky queers! 👻

Halloween special where we discuss things (loosely) halloween related and play songs with spooky themes 😈

Gunpowder, queerson and plot! 💥

In celebration of the absolute icon Guy Fawkes almost (almost!) blowing up Westminster in 1605, we're playing epic break-up songs, and songs with a fiery, plotting theme 😈

Queerness through the decades! 🧚‍♂️

Queer people have always existed. This episode is a tribute to queer musicians from the 1950s onwards 😇

Sapphics! 👭

Sapphics sapphics sapphics! We love women and femmes! This is a lil tribute to the queer women of the world... and people we fantasise about 😇 (christine & the queens - hit us up!)

Electro pop! 🤯

Electro pop is the queerest music genre. We said what we said and we're not wrong. Charli XCX is featured (not) too many times on this one. We hope this episode scratches that itch on your brain. 😈

Club queers 🥳

This may have been our first show of the semester. We were in high spirits. They were swiftly dashed. Anyhow, we would be good DJs. (aka. songs for you to pre to)

Grill gays 😬

Once upon a time Lizzy and Erin were sitting in the Meadows on an unseasonably hot March day, and they decided that they wanted to barbecue. For maybe the first time in history, these artsy queers just wanted to live out the suburban dream. Ah! So are the lofty hopes of youth!

Indie queers 😌

We are quirky. We are cool. NO ONE is doing it like us.

Anxiety Gays Unite! 😌🌈

This instalment of The Gaylist was tragically a one gay gig during which Erin played some tunes which spoke to their anxieties about being an unemployable twenty-something and the decline of cinema since Clueless. So, relatable stuff!