The Edventure Brief with EdVenture Managing Team

The Edventure Brief

Sunday at 19:00GMT

The Edventure Brief, is the podcast designed to help you learn more about the startup ecosystem in Scotland. It is brought to you by the managing team of Edventure: Zara, Ragnor, Fynn and Shannon. We’re Scotland’s first student-led accelerator program — bringing the university’s most talented people and ideas together to build real-world startups and build long-lasting networks through our acceleration program. Each week, we choose a topic and invite a successful startup founder or VC onto the show to talk about their journey and experiences in the field. Exciting startups will be showcased as well as interviewing experienced domain experts (AI, Biotech), and academic staff from our University.

#4 Meet Zaliia Gindullina, Head of Businsess Development at Kidbrooke AB

In this episode, we sit down with Zaliia Gindullina, the head of Business Development at Kidbrooke AB, where we discuss the risk of strategic transformations into FinTech, the regulatory difficulties that come with expansion, and the uncertainties of Brexit on the FinTech industry and global markets at large.

#3 Meet Dr. Bernard Olayo, Founder of Hewatele

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Bernard Olayo, the founder of Hewatele, and discuss the good and bad effects that COVID has had on the business, the potential expansion of Hewatele into other parts of East Africa, and the importance of believing in your values and sticking to them when faced with challenges.

#2 Meet James Watt, Co-Founder of BrewDog

In this episode, we sit down with James Watt, the co-founder and CEO of BrewDog, and discuss his journey of creating the unique company structure and culture BrewDog celebrates today, how they navigate an industry dominated by global behemoths, and how easy it was for he and his co-founder Martin Dickie to change their names to Elvis.

#1 Meet EdVenture

In this episode, we discuss what EdVenture is all about - our founders, our ethos, our vision, and our cohort.