Top Culture with Regan & Issi

Top Culture

Tuesday at 16:00GMT

Each week, best friends Regan and Issi sit down with a special guest to delve into the fun and flirty world of pop culture / Tuesdays at 4pm

Top Culture S2E4 / Miles Mann

This week Issi and Regan invite fresh-air rival Miles Mann to discuss his favourite pop culture moments. Miles talks celebrity breakups and Regan and Issi learn some hard truths in an unplanned crossover segment... / Check out Miles' show on Facebook: The Hour of Power / Follow Miles @Miles_mann / Follow us @_TopCulture

Top Culture S2E3 / Emily Oulton

This week, Regan sat down with famous bisexual icon Emily Oulton to bond over their joint love of Taylor swift. Issi was also there. / Follow Emily @emsoulton / Follow us @_TopCulture

Top Culture S2E2 / Jay Allen

This week, Issi and 'Gin Shark' sit down with queer artist Jay Allen to discuss his favourite pop culture moments. Spoiler: Contains gut-chuckles. / Follow Jay @JayAllxn / @Christalqueerdance / Follow us @_TopCulture

Top Culture S2E1 / Rory McKeon

This week, Regan and Issi sit down with double Aries Rory McKeon to discuss his answers to some very important pop culture questions, and find out once and for all what happened to Regan when he worked in a soft play... / Follow Rory @RoryaMcKeon / Follow us @_TopCulture